Friday, November 25, 2022
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Prince Harry’s pal fear he’s going ‘too far’ with memoir plans

Prince Harry has reportedly caused his inner most circle to recoil in fear over his plans for the memoir

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Prince Harry has just been issued a myriad of warnings about his plans for the incoming memoir amid fears he’s been going ‘too far’.

This shocking admission has been brought to light by True Royalty TV’s editor-in-chief Nick Bullen.

According to his findings, Prince Harry’s decision to feature the ‘darker’ moments of his life are what have spooked pals, many of whom have taken to ultimatums.

Mr Bullen explained, “I know a lot of people have been saying to him, 'Why are you going back over this old brand? Why are you digging all of this up again?'”

To make matters worse, “I think those closest to him in the U.K. or those who were very close to him in the U.K. in the past are slightly concerned about how far he’s going.”

“Now, whether he puts all of that in the book or the doc, I don’t know, but he’s certainly been doing a lot of early childhood research.”