Tuesday, January 24, 2023
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King Charles 'secret son' has 'six million dollar' desire to be Prince: Step Sister

King Charles secret son is delusional about his identity

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King Charles 'secret son' is forging his identity, says step-sister.

Simon Dorante-Day's adoptive sister, Amanda tells the public that the 56-year-old is lying about being a biological son to Camilla and His Majesty.

She added: "In my opinion his main motivation is money but it's also coupled with a desire to be recognised as someone of importance.

"I am not willing to say money is his motivation, people can make their own judgement on that.

"But as an adoptee I think he has an image of whom and where he would like to come from - or his bio family to be - and we never fitted this.

"My six million dollar question is why Charles and Camilla?"

Simon was adopted by a couple named Karen and David Day when he was eight-months-old.