Wednesday Jan 25 2023
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Does Prince Andrew need HRH title for 'groceries'? Experts mocks Duke or York

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Prince Andrew is naive to reopen his sexual assault scandal after getting a payout.

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield tells Express.co.uk that the Duke of York is in deep trouble.

"Where is Prince Andrew going to use his HRH title? The grocery store? Andrew should not have been associating with Jeffrey Epstein," Ms Scholfield said.

She added: "He can tell every pigeon he meets that he is His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, but they won't care.

"His career as an ambassador for the royal family or British people is effectively over. It's time to explore a hobby. Or maybe he could write a book and call it, 'Spare'."

She said: "I have not heard anything official about the use of HRH or receiving permission from the King to use it.

"I highly doubt King Charles would walk something back that was such a difficult decision for the Queen to make. Charles respected his mother and valued her opinion."