Meghan Markle struggling to 'brand' herself' beyond being Harry wife: 'Hard'

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Meghan Markle is finding it tough to establish her brand identity apart from Prince Harry, says expert.

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield notes how the Duchess of Sussex could discreetly be planning new projects separate from Harry.

"Harry and Meghan have told us repeatedly through multiple projects that Meghan gave up everything for Harry”, Kinsey said.

"Keeping all of their launches under wraps is their typical MO. It allows the Sussexes to shift the goalpost without looking like failures”, she said.

The expert then predicts that the mother-of-two will bring back her memoir.

"If we don’t see a February release for The Tig, it’s simply because the product is not perfect yet. But this is an important way for Meghan to brand herself beyond being Harry’s wife, and I believe it is a priority for her”, she added.

"I would anticipate lists of Archie and Lili’s favourite books, go-to snacks, DIY projects. Candid entries about how she manages her time or stress, a five-minute makeup routine for moms on the go; mini-meditations for busy moms, travel, interior design, interviews, those types of posts”, she said.