Selena Gomez pal Raquelle Stevens responds to documentary backlash

Selena Gomez’s friend Raquelle Stevens talked about the criticism over 'Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me'

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Selena Gomez’s friend Raquelle Stevens talked about the criticism over the singer-actor’s documentary Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me.

During an appearance on Chicks in the Office podcast, the 30-year-old dished on the backlash she got from the fans for some moments with Gomez shown in the documentary which were dubbed as “toxic.”

In one scene of the film, Stevans, Gomez's friend of more than a decade, questioned why she didn't want to attend a friend's birthday party, and accused her of being unhappy.

"I think what it's a good reminder of is that when people are scrolling through Instagram or they're scrolling through TikTok, or you're watching a documentary, you're getting a small glimpse into someone's life, you're not seeing the full picture," Stevens said.

"The truth is, we've had a friendship for the last decade because it's real, it's honest and I'm so grateful for that. I'm grateful that it was included in the documentary, because I think that it is important to see, and I think it's amazing that Selena welcomes honesty in her friendships and I welcome that in my life too."

Talking about the backlash, Stevens said, "Anytime you do anything public in life, you're subject to opinions of other people… You just don't even go there if you're not willing to be able to take the heat."

"The biggest thing for me was that the documentary was a beautiful, beautiful piece of work that Selena so vulnerably shared with the world," she added. "It was her life story, and part of what was included in that documentary was our friendship, which is special and it's honest, and it's real."

Dishing on whether the criticism affected her, she revealed, "When your inner life is strong and you are living a life with integrity, you sleep peacefully every single night."

"It doesn't matter what you face, what you go through, there's a peace that comes with living a life of integrity, and so I really am secure in who I am. I know the kind of friend that I am," she said. 

Before concluding, Stevens noted, "Anyone really could say anything, but I have a peace that is unshakable."