Thursday, May 11, 2023
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Egypt REJECTS Netflix's Cleopatra, orders its own version

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Egypt accused Netflix of blackwashing Queen Cleopatra
Egypt accused Netflix of 'blackwashing' Queen Cleopatra

Egypt is going forward with its own version of a Queen Cleopatra documentary after Netflix released a controversial docu-series depicting the Pharaonic ruler as Black.

As per Variety, Al Wathaeqya channel, part of Egypt’s state-affiliated United Media Services, is working to produce a top-quality documentary about the Egyptian ruler, which, as they claimed, will be based on “utmost levels” of research and accuracy.

“Starting as usual in all documentary production sector and documentary channel work, there are working sessions currently being held with a number of specialists in history, archaeology, and anthropology; to subject research related to the subject of the film and its image to the highest levels of research and scrutiny,” the channel said.

Born in Alexandria in 69 BC, Cleopatra's lineage, including her mother’s race, is not known, leading to her skin being contested.

Earlier, an Egyptian lawyer sued Netflix's new documentary on Cleopatra for 'blackwashing' the queen.

According to Egypt Independent, the lawyer moved to take serious action against the documentary makers and ban the streaming service in Egypt following the release of the documentary’s trailer.

Mahmoud al-Semary alleges Afrocentrism is promoted instead of Egyptian history in the documentary.

The attorney dubbed the upcoming program on the historical figure as a “crime” and slammed Netflix’s management team for “forgery.”torical figure as a “crime” and slammed Netflix’s management team for “forgery.”