Prince Harry gave 'hand flicking gesture' to Prince William at Queen funeral

Prince William and Prince Harry rift began ever since the latter's exit from UK

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Prince Harry and Prince William exchanged an awkward gesture at the second service of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, reveals a body language expert.

The feuding brothers, who seldom reunite for the sake of their bloodline and family, gathered at  St George's Chapel in September 2022 for the final rites of their grandmother.

While there was no visible communication between the two, body language expert Judi James tells Mirror how one gesture gave Harry and Meghan a chance to move ahead of William and Kate. 

"During the second service in Windsor, there was a moment when William and his family had to hold back to allow Harry and Meghan to get into the pews first.

"Despite the proximity, there seemed to be no sign on camera of any glances or exchanged acknowledgements, apart from a hand-flicking gesture from Harry," she noted.