Prince Harry is a ‘hypocrite through and through’: ‘Will never be forgiven’

Prince Harry has just been branded a ‘hypocrite through and through’ by experts

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Royal experts have just attacked Prince Harry for being a ‘hypocrite through and through’.

Accusations such as these have been presented by British socialite Lady Colin Campbell.

She broke all of this down in her interview with GB News.

For this chat, she addressed the duke’s closing statement for the Invictus Games and bashed his character by saying, “Harry is not going to apply the same principles to his father-in-law that he applies to himself and everyone else.”

This is because Ms Campbell believes, “The man is an arch hypocrite.”

And “The fact of the matter is Thomas Markle didn’t do anything wrong at all.”

During the course of her interview, she also referenced the ‘bad’ that was done to Thomas Markle, and admitted, “Prince Harry and Meghan both have an absolute nerve the way they have treated her father” and “I think it’s inexcusable.”

Before concluding she also chimed into the matter and admitted, “I honestly think they are never going to be forgiven by anyone that appreciates decency. All the rhetoric they come up with is absolutely meaningless because actions speak louder than words.”