Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Gripping thriller 'Accused' on Netflix sparks conversation on social media dangers

A gripping Netflix thriller earns acclaim for its portrayal of the perils of social media leaving viewers in awe

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A gripping and thought-provoking new thriller titled Accused has made its debut on Netflix, prompting viewers to contemplate the dangers associated with social media. 

The film has been hailed as 'phenomenal' and 'brilliant,' narrating a harrowing tale that sheds light on the ramifications of online witch hunts and misinformation.

Starring Chaneil Kular in the lead role, Accused follows the story of a young man falsely identified as a terrorist responsible for a bomb detonation on a London tube. 

The film takes the audience on a roller-coaster ride, exploring the terrifying consequences of a social media frenzy that culminates in a home invasion, forcing the protagonist to fight for his life.

Despite the remarkable achievement of receiving a perfect score of 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, Accused initially flew under the radar on the streaming platform. However, ardent movie enthusiasts are now discovering its excellence and are taking to social media to spread the word.

One impressed viewer shared, "Accused on Netflix is just brilliant, reflecting the reality in our society. The power of social media, hate, racism, and stereotypes can destroy lives just because everyone nowadays thinks they have a right and are entitled."

Another echoed this sentiment, stating, "Accused on Netflix is actually 10/10, tense af but so gripping, and the reality of it is so important. Goes to show social media can be a bloody scary place. Defo worth a watch."

Many expressed how the movie left them feeling anxious, emphasizing its powerful portrayal of the dangers lurking within the realm of social media. One individual urged, "If anyone is after something good to watch, I've just watched Accused on Netflix. Absolutely brilliantly acted. Still feel anxious now. Really shows how dangerous social media can be."

Directed by Philip Barantini, renowned for his one-shot feature 'Boiling Point' starring Stephen Graham, Accused showcases the exceptional talent of Chaneil Kular, previously recognized for his role in Netflix's Sex Education

The actor enthusiastically promoted the movie upon its release on September 21, garnering a notable following and eventually securing the top spot on Netflix's daily top 10 films.