Thursday, October 05, 2023
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How did Mahira Khan honour her grandmothers on wedding day?

Mahira Khan thanked her mother and friends as she shared beautiful glimpses from her mayun on Instagram

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This combination of images shows Mahira Khans outfits for her mayun. — Instagram/@mahirahkhan
This combination of images shows Mahira Khan's outfits for her mayun. — Instagram/@mahirahkhan

After tying the knot with her close friend and businessman Salim Karim, Pakistani starlet Mahira Khan shared some special moments from her mayun with her followers along with a shoutout to the most supportive women in her life.

Videos shared on social media showed the modest wedding ceremony, which apparently took place on Sunday and showcased the ace actor's stunning and elegant appearance as the bride.

In her latest post on Instagram, Khan shared glimpses from her mayun thrown by her "childhood girlfriends" captioned with a heartfelt post for her mother, and friends.

"My mother had one wish… to start the wedding with a dua. My beautiful Ama, who is in a wheelchair — one would think she can’t do much — but really, she can do everything and anything.

"She sat and managed the decoration downstairs, the table, the moving around of furniture anddd she was ready dot on time.."

Expressing gratitude for her mother's hard work to make her wedding day special, Khan wrote: "Alhumdulillah for our parents."

She further shared that her friends had also organised a mayun for her ahead of her big day.

Mayun is a gathering where the bride's family celebrates her by carrying out different traditional wedding rituals like putting henna on the bride's hands, singing songs for her, and treating her with sweets.

"Later on that day, my childhood girlfriends had a mayun for me. Alhumdulillah for friends I can call my sisters," Khan wrote.

She also revealed that she took a bud of motia (jasmine) flower from her garland and hung it in her "baali" (earring) to honour her late grandmothers.

She wrote: "P.S I took a bud of the motia and put it in my baali before going down.. for my Nani and Dadi."