Bradley Cooper reveals his strict rule on film sets

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Bradley Cooper recently revealed a strict rule he follows on his filming sets.

The 48 year-old actor discussed his unconventional approach towards filmmaking with director Spike Lee for Variety’s Directors on Directors series.

While talking to the Malcolm X director, Bradley expressed his disliking for chairs and why he prohibits them on sets.

Expressing his desire to keep the crew engaged throughout the filming process, he said, “I feel like your energy dips the minute you sit down."

Additionally, he expressed his aversion to the video village concept and shared how he prefers a more hands-on approach when it comes to interacting with actors.

The Hangover star also discussed his upcoming biographical drama feature Maestro which he starred in, directed, co-wrote and produced.

Bradley stated that he felt as if the time he spent on the project greatly affected his views about filmmaking.

"I will say this about Maestro: I grew up on this movie. It changed me as an artist,'" he said, adding that it “greatly affected” his views on filmmaking.

"I executed exactly my vision. And that was the result of just having so much time to think and write and prepare to act in this movie," Bradley said.