Jay Leno expresses concern over wife's health amid conservatorship bid

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Jay Leno’s wife unable to attend conservatorship hearing due to Dementia
Jay Leno’s wife unable to attend conservatorship hearing due to Dementia 

Comedian Jay Leno filed family court documents earlier this year in a Los Angeles Courthouse. 

According to the court filings the former The Tonight Show host is seeking a conservatorship for his wife’s estate, who suffers from dementia. 

Since Leno’s wife, Mavis is 'incapable', Leno is willing to manage her finances and execute plans that would be "sufficient to provide for her care" if he dies before her.

Now, Leno, 73, expressed that his wife should not have to appear in court for the hearing, as it will cause her stress.

According to the documents filed in court and obtained by RadarOnline.com, Mavis, 77, was recently evaluated by Dr. Hart Cohen on November 21, 2023.

The report mentioned her inability to attend court and cited short-term memory and long-term memory impairments as the reason. 

The report also stated Mavis’ battle with Dementia deems her incapable of participating in the court in a meaningful manner, nor will she be able to fully understand the nature of the hearing and make informed decisions.

“It is my further opinion that if Mavis were ordered to attend the hearing such mandated attendance would cause her undue stress, confusion, and anguish and therefore her presence at the hearing would be detrimental to her mental and physical health”, wrote her doctor in the report.

For those unversed, Jay Leno has been married to Mavis Elizabeth Leno for more than 43 years, and Leno has always handled the couple’s finances. Jay’s Lawyer has also commented that Jay is ‘fully capable’ of providing financial and physical support to his wife as he has up till now.