Secret meaning behind Machine Gun Kelly's new tattoo revealed

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Photo: Secret meaning behind Machine Gun Kellys new tattoo revealed
Photo: Secret meaning behind Machine Gun Kelly's new tattoo revealed

Machine Gun Kelly has reportedly made a new bold style statement.

Taking to Instagram, the Emo Girl crooner unveiled a new exotic tattoo, which inked almost half of his torso jet black, on Tuesday.

He penned the caption, “For spiritual purposes only.”

As fans will know, the musician is well-known for donning a great number of tattoos all over his body many of which honour his fiancée Megan Fox, music, birthplace and other subjects.

According to the latest finding of TMZ, the artist, who did this tattoo, called ROXX has opened up about the artist's newest design, which is reportedly still in-progress. 

ROXX told the outlet, “Machine Gun Kelly's decision to undergo this transformation was a deeply personal one.”

She also confessed that before getting this job done the 33-year-old star had a “spiritual consultation."

Speaking of his previous tattoo designs, the artist shared that the singer found them “really chaotic,” and so sought balance and “order in his life” via this new monochromatic design.

Before resigning from the topic, ROXX went on to heap praise for her client and branded him as “the toughest client she's ever had in 30 years.”