'I can't breathe': Video showing fan get emotional after meeting Mahira Khan goes viral

Excited fan grips Mahira's hand when she arrived at Karachi's shopping mall for promotional event

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Pakistan's showbiz sensation Mahira Khan faced an interesting situation after encountering an emotional fan whose short video clip went vial on social media platforms.

The Legend of Maula Jatt actor, who is one of the popular faces of the country’s entertainment industry, was attending a promotional event at a shopping mall in Karachi.

When she reached amongst crowd gathered after seeing her entering the shopping mall to take selfies and videos with her, an emotional fan, who introduced himself as Sabih, tightly gripped Mahira’s hand and decided not to let her go until she listened to his words.

The Humsafar star tried to let her hand free from his grip at first, however, she then stopped their to make him calm who was trying to control his emotions after watching his favourite actor in front of him.

“I’m interested to meet you and now, my dreams came true. Just take a selfie [with me].” He then told her the level of excitement, saying: “I can’t breathe,” after watching her before him.

Mahira once called her staff and other people around her to give some water to him which could help him to stay calm.

After composing himself, the fan told Mahira that he is a big fan of her and he cannot believe that he would be able to meet her. Later, he said that his name is Sabih and she can call him Sabo, and she is his Mahira. The fan then let loose his grip on Mahira’s hand and let her go after thanking her to take a selfie with him.

Last month, the actor took an extraordinary step to visit a marketplace in Bahawalpur by wearing a burqa and taking an auto-rickshaw ride along with other crew members for not being recognised by people.

The Super Star actor was seen riding a rickshaw and visiting different stalls at the market. Though she had tried her best to hide her identity by covering half of her face with the niqab, Mahira was still recognisable due to her unique eyes and overall aura.

The visit took place a few days ago as Mahira also posted one of her pictures wearing a burqa in an Instagram post. However, the picture couldn’t get much attention due to the absence of context.