How Prince William ‘picked himself back up' after Kate Middleton cancer diagnosis

Prince William trying to keep up ‘sense of stability’ after Kate Middleton cancer diagnosis, source

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How Prince William ‘picked himself back up’ after Kate Middleton cancer diagnosis
How Prince William ‘picked himself back up’ after Kate Middleton cancer diagnosis

Prince William could not bear the news of his wife Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis just weeks after King Charles’ tragic diagnosis and he “shut down” for a few days.

The Prince of Wales gathered a lot of courage and “picked himself up” for the sake of his sick father and wife, and his three young kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

“It’s been stressful,” a Royal insider shared how the Prince has been keeping up while speaking with Us Weekly. “William feels a profound sense of duty to uphold the monarchy’s stability and inspire confidence in the public that everything will be OK.”

“It’s an immense responsibility,” the source added, while royal biographer Tessa Dunlop said that there is a “lot at stake and William does need support.

She said no one would envy the Prince, whose “got young children, a sick wife and a sick dad, and memories of losing his mom [Princess Diana] early.”

Speaking on how William was able to get back up following back-to-back tragic revelations about Charles and Kate’s health, they said, “After William’s dad and Kate’s diagnoses, he shut down for a couple of days.”

“He canceled all meetings and spent time with Kate. Then he picked himself back up again because he knew it was up to him to be strong for the whole family,” the insider added.

“He helps the kids with homework and reads to them at night,” explained the source, “little things to make life more normal for them.”

Before concluding, the source said, “Around the palace, he looks tense,” before adding, “He clearly has a lot on his mind. The palace is backing off and giving him space.”