Netflix Tom Brady roast stings Kim Kardashian brutally

Nikki Glaser somewhat confirms Kim Kardashian was 'upset' over Tom Brady roast on Netflix

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Netflix Tom Brady roast stings Kim Kardashian brutally

Kim Kardashian probably was not expecting the harsh response she received at the Tom Brady roast on Netflix. The fashion mogul expressed her frustration in a light way to comedian Nikki Glaser.

She was part of the panel that took funny digs at the NFL star. Sharing the DM, the FBoy Island actress said the SKIMS founder raved over her performance at the event.

Telling the podcasters Jake Johnson and Gareth Reynolds, "She said, 'You killed it on the roast,' pretty much. I wrote back, 'Kim, oh my god. I was trying to make eye contact with you every chance I could to mouth to you, 'you ------- killed, girl.'"

In reply, Kim indirectly hinted at being upset—as sources reveal—by suggesting the show was "abuse."

"Aww thanks! And YOU killed it," she responded, noting, "I don't know how you do this — it's abuse lol."

This expression was in line with the insider's report, which stated that the mother-of-four was upset over the sharp reaction from the audience when she took to the stage. 

Some of them allegedly yelled 'aMiee' to show support for Taylor Swift while intense heckling enveloped the room, leading Netflix to censor it.

"She tried to take it in stride because it is a roast, but she didn't like the boos. It made her upset, a tipster tattled to Daily Mail, but a day or two removed from being in the lions den, she is OK with it, but Sunday night was brutal and really rattled her."

Tom's direct hit at Kim over the joke of Kanye West's parenting also made her awkward when cameras panned over to capture her reaction.