Jennifer Connelly recalls a terrifying moment in life

Jennifer Connelly opens up about the chill she felt before delivering the Oscar acceptance speech

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Jennifer Connelly recalls a terrifying moment in life

Winning an Oscar is the dream of every actor, and Jennifer Connelly had her dream fulfilled in 2002. But, she revealed onstage she started to get cold feet.

Recalling the chilling experience on Drew Barrymore's Show, A Beautiful Mind actress said she had a panic attack before delivering her acceptance speech.

"For me, I think I [had a] complete shutdown, like, panic," the 53-year-old said. "I was so nervous and overwhelmed."

She continued, "I remember looking out at the audience full of all those extraordinary people and then just seeing it say 40 seconds." 

"You know, because there's a monitor that tells you how long you have to speak. And I saw it and I think I just, like, it's just a complete shock."

Describing the award night, the Top Gun 2 actress said, "I was kind of floating gliding into it arriving there. I went there with my dad… he came with me, which was really special for me, and so he tethered me somewhat."

Jennifer previously opened up about the experience saying she was visibly calmed but when she reached to the stage the story was something else.

"I had a bit of the deer-in-the-headlights syndrome," she added. "It is an overwhelming moment, a big, big moment."