Prince Harry living a ‘wildly, wildly' different story

Prince Harry’s social standing and the dangers associated with his dwindling star power have just been brought to light

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Prince Harry living a ‘wildly, wildly' different story

Prince Harry’s plummeting social standing has just become a topic of great discussion amid the findings from the latest poll on the Royal Family ranking—by popularity.

Everything has been pointed out by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She weighed in on things during one of her most recent pieces for

In that piece she touched on the nosedive popularity that came to light following a YouGov poll that recently ran.

In the eyes of Ms Elser, “Somehow in the space of only four weeks they have both fallen in the UK’s estimation, making them two people who are unlikely to ever be shouted a pint in any UK pub. Currently, the duke has a net position of -32 per cent and the duchess of -43 per cent.”

Yet “only six years ago it was a wildly, wildly different story,” the expert noted.

Because “back then, only days before Harry was set to marry his good lady wife, should he have wandered into any licensed establishment from Lands End to John O’Groats he would have had so many free drinks thrust in his hands his bodyguards would have had to cart him out, adorably legless, within a tight 30 minutes.”

“The people? Brits? They had loved him since they watched the shattered 12-year-old walk behind his mother’s coffin, an interesting sense of a collective national responsibility and care for this poor child, and then fell even more in love with him when he fell for Meghan.”

This was highlighted in a poll that was conducted shortly after their engagement was announced and Prince Harry then sat at around +70 points.

It is pertinent to mention that his standing at the moment is around -32 percent this time around.