Pandemic 'shattered' John Krasinski heart in brutal way

John Krasinski opens up about the impact of the pandemic on kids, which shattered his heart

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Pandemic 'shattered' John Krasinski heart in brutal way

In 2019, the coronavirus pandemic put a huge toll on the majority of people, and the family of John Krasinski similarly faced a negative impact.

In a chat with People, The Office alum said her daughters asked him whether they would be okay during the testing times.

He shared that heartbreak is the least way to describe what he felt after hearing his kids' thoughts. "I think shattered is the better word. It shattered my heart."

His remarks come in the context of John explaining how the idea of his upcoming movie IF came to his mind.

"I made this movie for my kids. I've always wanted to make a movie for my kids, but I actually wasn't sure what that movie would look like," he said. "I had had the idea about 10 years ago to do something with imaginary friends, but I wasn't quite sure what the take on it would be."

The 44-year-old continued, "And then it was the pandemic that gave me the idea because it was when I saw their lights starting to go out, and they started doing fewer and fewer imaginary games, and then they started to let the real world in."

He added, "And I said to Emily, 'That's kind of the definition of growing up, isn't it? When you let fear in, the real world in.' 

"And so they started asking bigger questions and then finally said, 'Are we going to be okay?' And I thought, 'Okay, we have to stop and I have to do this movie right now to show them that magical world they created, they can go back anytime they want."