Eva Longoria reveals what she ‘battles everyday' in Hollywood

Eva Longoria directed Oscar nominated 'Flamin’ Hot' movie in 2023

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Eva Longoria directed Oscar nominated 'Flamin’ Hot' movie in 2023

Eva Longoria is reflecting on what battles must be fought in Hollywood to increase the representation of people of colour and cater more to Gen Z.

Eva has plans to “disrupt” the “archaic and expensive” industry of Hollywood with her production company Hyphenate. The Desperate Housewives alum has already directed the Oscar nominated Flamin’ Hot last year, which was also a work of Hyphenate Media Group, which she launched with Cris Abrego.

The 49-year-old told Deadline how Gen Z is a diverse generation, and Hollywood needs to increase representation of Latinos and other people of colour: “...If any company is going to grow they’re going to have to figure how to attract Generation Z. They’re going to have to make undeniable, inclusive content for the most diverse generation we’ve ever seen.”

When asked how she fights Hollywood’s lack of attention to the “$22 billion being left on the table” by not making inclusive content, she replied: “You battle every day. Look, it’s not a question of whether there’s space for this inclusive content. That’s the wrong question. The question is who nowadays really can afford to leave $18 billion on the table? This is about a business solution.”

She added: “We’ve decided to create content for the growing market, not the shrinking market. Half of Gen Z is non-white. A full 25% of Gen Z is Latino. The question should be, who’s going to want to miss out on making the most compelling content for that generation?”