Vanessa Hudgens calls 'The Masked Singer' triumph as 'empowering'

Vanessa Hudgens competed in 'The Masked Singer' as the contestant Goldfish

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Vanessa Hudgens calls The Masked Singer triumph as empowering
Vanessa Hudgens calls 'The Masked Singer' triumph as 'empowering'

Vanessa Hudgens just celebrated her win at the 11th season of The Masked Singer finale, which aired on Wednesday, May 22, 2024.

After winning the Fox singing competition TV series, as the masked character, Goldfish, the 35-year-old actress got candid about how participation in the show gave her the liberty to do as she pleased.

In an exclusive conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Hudgens, who is expecting her first baby with husband, Cole Tucker, deemed her triumph as “quite the ride. A ride I did not think would affect me so deeply.”

“I’ve been in the spotlight for many, many moons now, and there’s just a preconceived idea, I think, when you see yourself on stage, that you’re familiar with,” The High School Musical alum added.

Vanessa Hudgens continued, “And being able to take that away and be completely stripped of that and show up as myself and feel completely free to do so, because I was completely covered up really just gave me a sense of freedom that I hadn’t had in a minute. And it was really empowering.”