Lady Gaga avoids direct contest with Taylor Swift?

Lady Gaga reportedly plans to do a refreshing act for new tour instead of competing Taylor Swift's 'Eras Tour'

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Lady Gaga avoids direct contest with Taylor Swift?
Lady Gaga avoids direct contest with Taylor Swift?

The Eras Tour of Taylor Swift became so big that no rival could come close, and Lady Gaga reportedly knows this. So sources say she is planning a refreshing take on her upcoming Jazz & Piano residency in Las Vegas.

"Gaga is proving that she's still a formidable pop music master strategist by not biting off way more than she can chew and trying to mount a record-breaking mega-stadium tour," the insiders said.

Noting, "Instead, she's focusing on refreshing her Vegas act with an entirely new set she'll be playing in June and July this summer."

Apart from this, the 38-year-old has huge things in line, like the much-anticipated Joker: Folie à Deux and a concert special for HBO titled Gaga Chromatica Ball.

Keeping these in mind, insiders say Lady is already is having a great time in career and she will not repeat the mistake her co-artists Madonna and Jennifer Lopez made in competing with Taylor.

"Yes, she has her big concert film streaming on Max and one of the year's most anticipated movies in Joker: Folie à Deux in October, but unlike Madonna and Jennifer Lopez." 

"She's not going to break her back or ruin her reputation trying to compete on the same level as Taylor Swift and the Eras Tour, nor should she feel the need to," the bird chirped to Life & Style, pointing to the Grammy winner's Celebration Tour and Jen forthcoming This Is Me… Live Tour.

The insider further doubles down on this. "There's real common sense and business savvy running beneath every decision, and Gaga has clearly learned from J.Lo. and Madonna's mistakes in the last year — and she's determined not to make them herself!"

Sources say Lady is planning to show something refreshing and unique instead of following the old script.

"Gaga always wins when she goes her own way instead of copying the other household name pop divas in her category, and her fans know it and appreciate it," the tipster tattled.