Jameela Jamil talks laxatives and diet regrets

Jameela Jamil calls for longevity through healthy eating in a recent podcast

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Jameela Jamil talks laxatives and diet regrets
Jameela Jamil talks laxatives and diet regrets

Jameela Jamil is advocating for eating for longevity.

Jamila got candid about her journey battling anorexia on Wednesday's episode of Kelly Ripa's Lets Talk Off Camera podcast where she took responsibility for giving in to inorganic approaches due to self esteem issues.

“I’m so sorry to my body that I have jeopardised my future so severely for a beauty standard and to try to fit in with other people,” the actress lamented.

During the same podcast, Jamila, 38, also urged the listeners to think long term before giving in to momentary validation. “So I want to be someone who reminds people: don’t eat for your waistline now, eat for your longevity later.” 

The conversation built around the use of laxatives and unhealthy diets aimed at weightloss as Jameela confessed to conforming, despite having criticised Kim Kardashian's beauty apporoaches in the past.

“I took so many laxatives, I’m amazed I even still have an a**h***, to be perfectly honest. It’s a real trooper. It’s a survivor. I took any pill or drink or diet that Oprah recommended. I did it. I took it. You know, any very low calorie supermodel diet.”

Besides other complications that took a toll on her organs including kidney, liver, digestive system, and heart, Jamila shared that her bone density also got severely compromised recently. 

She expressed her frustration over the lack of awareness around the consequences of anorexic behaviours.

"There’s so much talk about the dangers of being in a bigger body and there’s no talk almost about the dangers of not eating enough, only eating too much,” the She-Hulk actress went on to say. 

She stressed that people often overlook how the consequences of bad health can apply to fertility as well.

“I think that’s really dangerous because we really have no idea the way that people’s fertility is f****, the way their long-term health is f****. We just don’t talk about it and it’s an inconvenient truth that the diet industry kind of squashes.” 

Despite her recovery over the past five years, Jameela faces some irreversible damages.

“My hair has grown back, and my energy has come back, my sex drive has come back and everything is better in my life,” she admitted as she went on to lament other complications.

On a concluding note, Jameela reiterated her vow to spread awareness to those who are down the same path.

“I guess I’m just not thinking of myself so much now. I’ve got more capacity to think of others and using every bit of energy I have to warn everyone else,” she affirmed.