Michael Landon's daughter discloses major revelation before death

The legendary actor passed away in July 1991

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Michael Landon’s daughter discloses major revelation before death

For Michael Landon, health was not his priority, as per his daughter, Leslie Landon Matthews.

During an interview with Fox News, Michael’s daughter talked about the actor's stubbornness and not taking health seriously.

According to Leslie, his father who died at the age of 54 due to pancreatic cancer, was a stubborn person and this behaviour had affected his health.

Michael’s daughter who starred alongside her late father in Little House on the Prairie, told the publisher, “The one thing that I know was part of my dad’s personality was his stubbornness.”

She revealed that he took his health for granted, she continued saying, “And I don’t think staying on top of his health was a priority."

“I think he put it aside," Leslie noted.

It is pertinent to mention that, Michael was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 1991, which had spread to his liver as per People magazine.

The actor also underwent Chemotherapy and was part of an experimental procedure related to a cancer-fighting drug.

However, within 3 months of his diagnosis, Michael passed away in July 1991.