Taylor Swift adds 'fashionable' accessory to 'Eras Tour' outfit

Taylor Swift recently endured a hand cramp while performing in Edinburgh due to the cold, however, she seems to have come up with a solution

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Taylor Swift adds 'fashionable' accessory to 'Eras Tour' outfit 

Taylor Swift decided to don a pair of black gloves as a part of one of her Eras Tour fits, and managed to keep it classy despite having done it for a purpose.

A fan was quick to share these thoughts on X, formerly Twitter, writing, “Here’s my not-exciting theory: they’re for practical purposes. It’s chilly in Edinburgh.

They continued, “TTPD is long and she dances very little until Broken Heart. Her hands need to be warm to avoid another acoustic-set hand cramp. So, gloves. But fashionable ones!”

Source: X (formerly Twitter)

The Blank Space singer had performed at the same arena before where she revealed to her fans that she was facing a hand cramp due to the cold.

“Oh God! Hand cramp! I’m so sorry everyone, this has never happened before but my hand is frozen, I’m just going to warm it. I’m so embarrassed. My hand’s like a claw!” she shared massaging her hands on stage.

However, an adorable moment occurred the same night when two fans got engaged at the show! “Congratulations, wow! I just saw that whole thing. Man, that’s amazing … Thanks for doing that at my concert; that’s a big moment!”, Taylor Swift exclaimed after witnessing the proposal.