John Krasinski talks his ‘Dad Guilt' while working away from kids

The actor and filmmaker shares two daughters with his wife Emily Blunt

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John Krasinski talks his ‘Dad Guilt’ while working away from kids

John Krasinski hit the jackpot as he is blessed with a good partner who is also a good mom to his daughters.

According to a preview of the latest episode of the Pop Culture Moms podcast exclusively shared with People magazine, the 44-year-old actor talked about his “dad guilt” while staying away from kids due to work.

The Office alum who shares two daughters 10-year-old Hazel and 7-year-old Violet with Emily Blunt told cohost Andie Mitchell and Sabrina Kohlberg that he and Emily don't have any ‘dad or mom guilt’.

Johns said, "The fact that it's dad guilt versus mom guilt is the beauty of being married to someone like Em."

"There is no mom or dad guilt. It's us, you know, as a family, we're all in it together," he added.

"But I will say that it's difficult,” John noted, before adding that he and Emily had ‘many conversations’ with their kids ‘first and foremost’ when they ‘had to go away for work.’

"So we're all in it together,” he continued.

Moreover, John mentioned that he shows his kids that he is away from them “because it's something he love, then that'll inspire them to do the most important thing.”