Travis Scott's attorney responds after his Florida arrest

The rapper’s lawyers said that he was detained due to a 'misunderstanding'

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Travis Scott's attorney responds after his Florida arrest

Travis Scott's attorney has issued a statement following the rapper’s arrest in Miami on charges of disorderly intoxication and trespassing on a property after being cautioned.

As per People Magazine reports, on Thursday, June 21, attorney Bradford Cohen released a statement that says, "Mr. Scott was briefly detained due to a misunderstanding." 

"There was absolutely no physical altercation involved, and we thank the authorities for working with us towards a swift and amicable resolution," he added.

An insider told the outlet, "This was a rowdy party and Travis was already bailed out for a few hundred dollars. He is already home.”

"There will be no further action to be taken as it was a minor incident akin to receiving a ticket with no injuries,”the source added.

For those unversed, Scott was taken into custody around four in the morning on Thursday as per DailyMail.

However, he was released on a $150 bond for disorderly intoxication charges and a $650 bond - $500 for trespassing while Scott and the organizers did not face any criminal charges.