Ariana Grande hints at 'working on' possible 'eternal sunshine' tour

Ariana Grande released her hit album, 'eternal sunshine' on March 8, 2024

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Ariana Grande hints at working on possible eternal sunshine tour
Ariana Grande hints at 'working on' possible 'eternal sunshine' tour

Ariana Grande might have just spilled the tea about a forthcoming eternal sunshine tour!

In her latest appearance on the Shut Up Evan podcast, the songstress, who dropped her latest album on March 8, revealed that even though nothing confirmed, she might just plan a tour.

Clarifying, Grande stated how, in an ideal situation, she would love to have concerts for eternal sunshine between the release of her upcoming movie, Wicked, slate for a November 22, 2024 launch.

When the host, Evan Ross Katz asked the God Is A Woman hit-maker of the possibility of a tour, she responded, “I still want it, too,” adding, “I think it would be a really lovely idea to be able to trickle in some shows in between the two Wicked films. I think there’s a version of that that exists.”

The 31-year-old singer also made it clear that the still-not-confirmed tour would not go about a traditional route “for a multitude of reasons,” revealing she has more of a “mini sampling of shows” in my mind instead.

Ariana Grande further added, “I do think it’d be really nice to do that, and it’s something my team and I are working on coming up with options for.”