John Legend vows fans a ‘nostalgic’ ride in ‘Love in Las Vegas’ Residency

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December 07, 2021

John Legend intends to ‘make sure’ that fans have a nostalgic ‘trip for the ages’ in ‘Love in Las Vegas’ Residency

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John Legend vows fans a ‘nostalgic’ ride in ‘Love in Las Vegas’ Residency

Renowned lyricist and songwriter John Legend recently issued a promise to fans, vowing that he would make the Love in Las Vegas Residency event a nostalgic trip to remember.

Legend weighed in on it all while speaking to Billboard and was also quoted saying, “We loved the show. I thought it was beautifully put together. The performance was amazing and Gwen was in top form."

"It was really inspiring to watch her do that and know that we could possibly be on that same stage. And I’m excited that we’ve sealed the deal with Caesars Entertainment.”

He also went on to say, “The setlist will be a cool, career retrospective. A little more about older songs for my fans from back in 2004—they will hear everything they’ve loved over the years,” says the singer and activist. “We’ll play songs from all the albums. My whole catalogue—my whole career summed up in a performance.”

“My music has always been a celebration of love. And that’s what we want to do with this concert. We just had the ‘Bigger Love’ tour. And we want to bring that love to Las Vegas. We’re going to celebrate the music, we’re going to celebrate love, celebrate the connection that people feel when they’re at my shows and how we feel with them.”

The singer even gave some hints about what fans can expect from his new concert and admitted, “We’ll have some elements from the last tour, but it’s going to be bigger, because the stage is bigger than a lot of the stages we play,” he says. “And since it’s in one place, we can blow it out a little bit more without having to worry about putting it on a truck every night.”

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