'Inventing Anna' starring Julia Garner to premier on Netflix on February 11

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January 23, 2022

'Inventing Anna' is based on a true story

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Julia Garner will portray real life convicted fraudster Anna Delvey in Netflix's Inventing Anna. The series featuring Julia will premier on Netflix on Friday, February 11.

Inventing Anna follows the true story of Ann Delvey, tracking her schemes, her rise and fall from grace.

Anna Sorokin, under the name Anna Delvey, arrived in New York City in 2013 and successfully managed to scam her way through and to the top of New York City's elite by posing as a German heiress.

She was exposed in May 2018 when Jessica Pressler published a New York Magazine article "How Anna Delvey Tricked New York's Party People—And It's Banks," which is the foundation of the nine-part Netflix series.

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