Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis spark a fan frenzy with their gestures

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August 15, 2022

Body language expert Judi James examined the royal siblings' public behaviours

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Prince William and Kate Middleton's kids Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis sparked a fan frenzy during their recent public appearances.

Body language expert Judi James examined the royal siblings' public behaviours, noting they are rarely seen during Kate and Prince William's outings.

Given his closeness to the Cambridges, Ms James, according to, believes the "joker in the Royal Family" may be Mike Tindall.

Analysing the pictures of Princess Charlotte taken during her first official visit to Birmingham for the Commonwealth Games earlier this month, the expert said to have noticed a "new set of body language behaviours" from the seven-year-old.

Charlotte, she said, appeared at times to be "leading" her parents rather than copying their body language, suggesting she possesses a rather high level of confidence.

"Charlotte’s facial expressions that include tongue-poking, wide rounded eyes and all the more spontaneous, fun traits she showed as she watched the sporting action are not body language rituals that we tend to see from the much more reserved William and Kate in public,"Ms James told

She added: "Even her emphatic ‘thumbs up’ gets a jovial ‘shocked’ reaction from her dad, making it her own ritual rather than one copied from him.

"Overall though we can see that they led to some gently mimicry from both Kate and William, with Kate in particular widening her own eyes and later opening her mouth in a way that is similar to her daughter’s rituals of enjoyment."

"These expressions could be learned and copied from other young friends at school but Louis also showed similar traits during the Jubilee and he’s not at school yet," according to the expert.

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