Meghan Markle ‘wanted’ King Charles to ‘reject her’

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February 10, 2023

Insiders fear Meghan Markle always wanted out of the Royal Family and planned it all ‘from the start’

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Meghan Markle reportedly wanted a royal rejection, right from the get go, insiders warn.

Royal commentator and expert Valentine Low made this shocking claim.

He started the conversation by referencing Meghan Markle’s own ‘undoing’ which she’s rumored to have met once she found herself “rejected by the royal establishment because she never wanted to stay.”

During the course of the chat Mr Low even went as far as to tell Express UK, “It's a controversial viewpoint but it is a viewpoint that some people in there [the Palace] felt.”

Especially since Mr Low is of the opinion that many of Meghan’s struggles came from “a combination of her unrealistic expectations about what royal life would be like and the palace's failure to manage those unrealistic expectations.”

However, when it comes to Megxit, Mr Low wagers its all Prince Harry’s ‘distrust’ that did the talking because Meghan Markle merely “heightened his already discontented feelings about the Institution.

Reportedly, “distrust with the household, his obsession with the media, his desire to create an impact and do something useful before people he becomes middle aged and boring.”

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