Prince Harry opens up about 'nightmare' 9/11 attacks

Prince Harry opens up about witnessing 9/11 attacks on television

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April 01, 2023

Prince Harry recalls hearing the terrible news of 9/11 attacks back in 2009.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare’, the Duke of Sussex reveals he witnessed people jumping and tugging their ears as the headline broke.

He writes: “The news was on. And the news was a nightmare. Some buildings on fire? Oh, wow, where’s that? New York. I tried to see the screen through all the boys massed in the room. I asked the boy to my right what was going on. He said America was under attack. Terrorists had flown planes into the Twin Towers in New York City. People were…jumping.”

Harry adds: “From the tops of buildings half a kilometer high. More and more boys gathered, stood around, biting their lips, their nails, tugging their ears. In stunned silence, in boyish confusion, we watched the only world we’d ever known disappear in clouds of toxic smoke. World War Three, someone muttered.”