Prince Harry had 'stern' talk with himself over Princess Diana death

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April 01, 2023

Prince Harry lost mother Princess Diana during an accident in 1997

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Prince Harry admits he was cross with himself for not being able to process the death of Princess Diana.

Writing in his memoir ‘Spare,’ the Duke of Sussex admits: “The illusion of Mummy hiding, preparing to return, was never so real that it could blot out reality entirely. But it blotted it out enough that I was able to postpone the bulk of my grief.”

Harry adds: “I still hadn’t mourned, still hadn’t cried, except that one time at her grave, still hadn’t processed the bare facts. Part of my brain knew, but part of it was wholly insulated, and the division between those two parts kept the parliament of my consciousness divided, polarized, gridlocked. Just as I wanted it.”

He later admits: “Sometimes I’d have a stern talk with myself. Everyone else seems to believe that Mummy is dead, full stop, so maybe you should get on board. But then I’d think: I’ll believe it when I have proof. With solid proof, I thought, I could properly mourn and cry and move on.”

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