Kevin Costner ex-wife Christina receives major blow amid divorce battle

Kevin Costner ex-wife Christina Costner to pay up for the actor's legal fees by September 22, 2023

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September 07, 2023
Court orders Kevin Costner’s ex-wife to pay hefty legal fees for him
Court orders Kevin Costner’s ex-wife to pay hefty legal fees for him

Kevin Costner’s ex-wife, Christina Costner, was struck with another blow after the judge sided with her husband, and ordered her to pay for his attorney’s fees amid their ongoing divorce battle.

Fox News Digital reported that Santa Barbara County Judge Thomas P. Anderle ordered Christine to pay up for Kevin’s legal fees by September 22, 2023, which is rounded up to over $14,237.50.

According to the publication, both the parties did not show up for the hearing.

Christine's claim for child support

Previously, Judge Anderle denied Christine’s request for increasing monthly child support, which was set at $129,000, and ended up cutting it in half.

Entertainment Tonight reported that, favoring Kevin once again, the judge stated that $63,209 per month was more than enough to meet the needs of their three children.

A celebrity lawyer named Chris Melcher told Yahoo Entertainment that “Christine had a legitimate claim to child support, but she may have went overboard with it by asking for a highly ridiculous amount.”

Another attorney, Katherine Miller agreed with Melcher, and called Christine’s blow in court a significant one. “She [Christine] may want to appeal to him with another approach.”

Both the lawyers concluded that Christine needs to “reevaluate” her strategy.