Travis Kelce accused of staging romance with Taylor Swift

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February 22, 2024

Travis Kelce's recent behaviour Taylor Swift ignites a new social media frenzy

Photo:Travis Kelce accused of staging romance with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance has reportedly fallen victim to a new controversy.

The celebrity couple’s now-viral clip garnered rave comments from fans, who believe that the pair is not in love but is merely staging a PR stunt.

These naysayers support their claims with the help of a 14-second clip, in which Travis changes his behaviour with the Eras Tour hitmaker when he noticed that they were getting filmed.

In this now-deleted clip, the Kansas City Chiefs tight-end is visibly sings and bops around in a nightclub, reported Daily Mail.

However, as soon as he notices that someone is filming, he turns to his lady-love Taylor and whispers something in her ears.

This clip started a social media frenzy and many netizens are convinced that the couple is just ‘pretending to be head over heals for each other.’

'It's giving katniss and peeta from the [Hunger Games] lmao,' a fourth user laughed.

The video’s creator alleged that Travis is saying, “Oh s**t it's time to film.”

“Get ready they're filming,” he whispers in Taylor’s ear, as per the video.

A second was adamantly wrote, “100000% this is a PR relationship.”

A third claimed, “He didn't know what country she was in when a reporter asked, it's got to be PR!' someone else agreed.

“Yes it's all PR. However most of the relationships we see start as PR, even with actors but they can grow to love each other. Depends,” a fourth suggested.


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