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Monday Sep 10 2018
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Meera praises Mahira Khan for the first time

Web Desk
Mahira Khan and Meera. Photo: File

Pakistani actor Meera has applauded Mahira Khan for the first time ever.

Meera, who has previously been critical of the Humsafar star on several occasions, took to Twitter and said, “One of the women I admire Angelina Jolie said that when one has fame, one also has a responsibility to give back to society.”

“I applaud Mahira Khan and Aamina Sheikh for their initiatives working with Afghan refugee children and children's education especially for girls. With fame comes responsibility," she said.

Last year, Meera made no secret that she wasn’t happy with the praises and endorsement that Mahira receives from the media.

“The trend of promoting Mahira Khan should end, there are other actors in the industry too,” the actor had said.

She once also blamed Mahira for running a campaign against her.