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Monday Oct 08 2018

Teefa in Trouble screened at film festival in China


FUZHOU: Ali Zafar was the only Pakistani actor and producer invited to the Silk Road International Film Festival in China where his movie Teefa in Trouble was screened.

“Pakistan has huge potential and these are very important times for our industry with a long way to go to achieve our full potential. We welcome all dialogue and initiatives to enable us to realize this full potential,” Zafar said at the festival.

Highlighting the success of Teefa in Trouble, Zafar said the movie had earned approximately $2.7 million on only 101 screens. He compared this to Bollywood where films are released on over 4,000 screens and in China movies are released on 50,000 screens.

“Considering Pakistan’s population we have a potential market of 1000-1500 screens which could easily multiply the business to 10/15 times more than its current value or beyond. Hence investment into Pakistan is sure to be lucrative,” Zafar stressed.

Actor Ali Zafar pictured during festival in China 

The film star also spoke of the need to open the doors for screening Pakistani films in China, proposing a minimum of three movies to be screened per year. He added that Pakistani film students should be given the opportunity to work with Chinese film students and vice versa. 

“This will not only help diversify our understanding towards each other’s cultures but also accentuate the artistic expression alongside creating massive commercial prospects. Pakistan has enormous potential and is a beautiful country and the world must get to see it.”