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Monday Nov 19 2018

'The Donkey King' continues to break box office records

A promotional poster for the film. In 'The Donkey King', a lion decides that a new king shall take on the reins of Azad Nagar when he retires. A donkey is chosen, but he keeps messing things up.—Promotional image

KARACHI: The Donkey King keeps on impressing at the Box Office, breaking several records since its October 13 release.

Here are the 11 records set by the film.

1. The film has earned the highest at a Pakistani box office in its sixth weekend. The film took in over Rs12 million.

2. The film is the first in Pakistan to earn over Rs10 million at the box office for six consecutive weeks.

3. The Donkey King is the first to earn Rs5 million or more at the box office for six consecutive Sundays.

4. The film also out-earned all Hollywood, Bollywood, and Pakistani films during its fifth weekend.

5. The Donkey King is the most successful animated film released in Pakistan’s history, taking home over Rs200 million at the box office.

6. The film is the second most successful Pakistani movie released on a non-holiday.

7. The trailer for The Donkey King is the fastest of Pakistani films to reach 5 million views on YouTube.

8. The trailer is also the most viewed trailer of Pakistani movies this year with 5.1 million views.

9. The title song of The Donkey King is the second most successful in Pakistan’s movie history with 10 million views during its release.

10. The title song is the most successful Pakistani movie song this year, viewed 10.3 million times on YouTube in just 53 days.

11. The film also has the unique record of earning more than the previous week at the box office. Its second week earnings were more than the first, and third week more than the second.

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