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Wednesday Dec 12 2018
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Actor Andy Serkis throws shade at Theresa May and Brexit with new Gollum video

Web Desk
A scene from a spoof video titled "LEAKED: Footage from Inside No. 10 Downing Street!" shows actor Andy Serkis reenacting his famed Gollum character's voice to rip apart British Prime Minister Theresa May and her Brexit deal. Facebook/WE WANTS IT/Screenshot via

"Prime Minister? You wanted a copy of your withdrawal agreement," says a voice, handing over a thick booklet to what looks like Theresa May.

Then, the sneaky, sinister voice of Gollum — a beloved and simultaneously hilarious character from the movie adaption of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings series — responds: "Our precious. Our agreement.

"This is it, our deal. Yes, yes. We takes back control, money, borders, laws. Blue passportses!"



After the famous line, Serkis, 54, talks to himself, discussing the pros and cons of the Brexit deal. 

"No, it hurts the people, makes them poorer."

"But I finds it, I negotiates it. We wants it, we has to do it."

Through most of the clip, Serkis' Gollum debates whether people should be consulted again on the deal and if there are any alternatives.

"Okay, okay, we asks the people if they want it and then..."

"No! Stupid, tricksy remainers. They ruins it!"

"They want a People's Vote!"

"But... the peoples are our friends."

Try as it may, the creature seems unable to distance itself from the deal, which it terms "juicy and sweet" and raises it in the air in a Simba-esque way to stress it being its prized possession.

"It's mine, my own... My Brexit!"

Watch the video below:



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