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Wednesday Dec 04 2019
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Selena Gomez dating Niall Horan? Former 1D member dishes the details

Web Desk
Selena Gomez's relationship rumours with Niall Horan are intensifying by the day

Selena Gomez with her recent surge in the music industry is getting more of the public's attention on her relationship status which have further intensified her linkup rumours with Niall Horan.

The former member of One Direction has finally addressed the buzz that has been keeping the world in a frenzy regarding his relationship with the Look at Her Now hit maker.

During an interview on Australian radio, the singer was asked about his relationship status.

He replied saying: “Do I have a girlfriend? No I don’t.”

The Irish heartthrob went on to add that he is “very much single, very much single.”

Niall and Selena have been making headlines together since a while now after they were spotted on multiple occasions with viral photos showing them on intimate, PDA-filled outings.

The photos showed Niall putting an arm behind Selena during one of the hangouts while other times he has also posted a photo of himself in front of a massive ad with her face in the backdrop.

He revealed during the interview how being seen with female friends usually takes a wrong turn which makes things difficult.

“It doesn’t make a difference, if I am seeing someone or they’re just a friend of mine, I’m going out with them in the media’s eyes,” he said, adding that: “That’s the most annoying part, isn’t it really? You can’t even be friends with a female.”