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Thursday May 21 2020
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Coldplay front man Chris Martin admits he 'isn't a bather' and 'doesn't smell great'

Web Desk

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin admits he 'isn't a bather' and 'doesn't smell great'

Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin disclosed his routine in quarantine as he marks three months since he isolated himself within the confines of his home. 

The Paradise hitmaker confessed that he doesn’t “smell” the best, and his friends can be thankful as he self-isolates away from them, with his producer at home.

During a chat with Greg James on his Radio 1 Breakfast Show, Martin admitted that he “isn’t really a bather.”

“I don’t smell particularly great which is why isolation for a lot of my friends has been good, they haven’t had to physically smell me,” he said.

He also looked back at his rock band’s headline set at Radio 1’s Big Weekend back in 2016 which would be getting aired once again over the course of this weekend.

“That was one of the best days of my life. I’m so happy that you are playing it. I was born right next to where we played, I mean I wasn’t born but I was definitely conceived within a distance of the stage,” he said.

“That that was right back to where I came from, and it felt very special, and it was a beautiful day, and there was lots of other cool people playing,” he added.