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Monday Jun 01 2020
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Kanye West threatens to sue ex-bodyguard for ridiculing him in interview

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Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian have threatened to sue the couple's former bodyguard Steve Stanulis for "false and defamatory statements" to the tune of '$10 million.

According to reports, the couple has reportedly sent a notice  to Stanulis and alleged that he breached a confidentiality agreement when he revealed details about his work with the rapper in a podcast interview.  TMZ reported that West threatened to sue his former bodyguard if he ever talks against him.

During the podcast interview, Steve revealed some shocking facts about the rapper.

He claimed that Kanye and Kim Kardashian tip the paparazzi off about their destination before leaving their home.

He was of the view that it was not possible that photographers always knew about the couple's whereabouts.

He said: "First of all, there's no way [paparazzi] doesn't get called upfront. There's no way every time they are leaving, all these people know about it.

"There's definitely somebody calling ahead. That's just my opinion. I'm just saying it's coincidental that wherever we are, they're always there. Maybe they're just better than I think they are."

According to Steve, Kanye West was reluctant to press the lift button when they first met.