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Sunday Nov 22 2020
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'Lonely teen Princess Diana torn apart up by the royal family,' says expert

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In her own words, Princess Diana said she was used as a sacrificial lamb

Princess Diana's life was full of tragedies, as show in season 4 of The Crown, even though she married Charles, the Prince of Wales.

This was primarily done in an arranged setting where Diana was made out to be the perfect match for the heir to the throne, because she had no past. 

In her own words, Diana said that she was used as a sacrificial lamb.

She told journalist Andrew Morton in 1992, “Charles had found the virgin, the sacrificial lamb. We met 13 times and we got married.”

Commenting on the same, Queen Mother’s page William Tallon, said that Diana was lonely and childlike even after she got engaged to the Prince of Wales.

A night before her wedding, she was so desperate to find some company, that she ended up riding a bicycle round and round, ringing the bell and singing, "I’m going to marry the Prince of Wales tomorrow." Ring ring. "I’m going to marry the Prince of Wales tomorrow!"

"She was just a child, you know, just a little girl,” said Tallon.