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Friday Nov 27 2020
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Idris Elba 'shocked and honoured' to interview Paul McCartney

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Idris Elba revealed he will interview the music giant Paul McCartneynext next month, saying 'shocked and honoured' to meet the legendary star.

Elba lavished praise on music legend Paul McCartney, revealing that he is a 'massive fan' of him.

The 48-year-old superstar will film his conversation with The Beatle in the coming weeks for the show, 'Idris Elba meets Paul McCartney', which will air on BBC One in December.

The Luther star, who is a rapper and singer himself, revealed that he 's shocked to have been given the chance to share the stage with Paul, saying he cannot wait to interview the star.

Alba continued: 'When I was asked if I wanted to speak to Paul McCartney, after I realised it wasn't a joke, I immediately said yes…. who wouldn't?!

He went on to say: 'I am a massive fan of Paul's! His work has inspired and driven me as a musician, and once I get through the shock of sharing the stage with him, I'm excited to talk about his music and craft.

'What an honour! Looking forward to sitting with you Paul.'

Idris will chat to Paul about his record-breaking music career, which began six-decade ago when he penned his first song at age 14 before joining the world's biggest band.