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Friday Dec 04 2020
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Jennifer Lopez wants people to praise women for their beauty without mentioning age

Web Desk

Jennifer Lopez, who mesmerises fans with her singing and acting skills, believes that 'a woman is as old as she looks'.

The music sensation, during her interview with a media outlet, revealed the secret of happy and prosperous life with all glam, saying: "You never want to hear you look great for 50."

The singer/actress added: "[People] want to just hear you look great, no matter what age you are. And for me, that is a big part of it."

The gorgeous singer, who is going to launch her very own beauty brand, went on to say: "We don't want people going, you look great for 60, 50, 40, 35. You want people to just go, wow, you look amazing."

During the interview, J Lo seemed to believe that 'a woman is as old as she looks.' as she said : "[When people say] 'Oh my God, she's 50.' It's like, does it matter? You're just your best self, no matter what."

Jennifer Lopez's not the only star who spoke out against the way society talks about getting older. Recently, Helen Mirren explained why she hates the term 'anti-ageing'.