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Saturday Jan 23 2021
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Zayn Malik's fans reveal new things about his daughter's name

Web Desk

One Direction star Zayn Malik had secretly revealed daughter Khai's name with his wrist tattoo before Gigi Hadid's big announcement, according to his fans.

It took four months for the supermodel to reveal her daughter name with the world when she updated her Instagram bio to read "Khai's mom".

But eagle-eyed fans of dad Zayn Malik have claimed that Gigi's boyfriend had quietly shared the name of their child with the world - in the form of a tattoo tribute on his wrist.

Sharing the image to Twitter, the fan wrote: "zayn has his baby girl’s name “khai” tattooed on his in arabic!"

It comes after Gigi changed her Instagram bio details to confirm her daughter's name.

Another fan claimed that 'Khai' could also be a tribute to Zayn's grandmother - Khairiah.

Khai means "the chosen one" and "royalty or nobility" and comes from Egyptian descent.

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have kept their daughter's face off social media, but have shared photos of themselves as proud parents.