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Monday Feb 22 2021
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Priyanka Chopra ex-manager exposes her 'unprofessionalism' as a Bollywood newbie

Web Desk

Priyanka Chopra's former manager came forth baring the truth about her work ethics

Priyanka Chopra catapulted to the top after garnering massive fame and success on the global front. 

In a recent interview, the actress's former manager, Anjula Acharia, came forth baring the truth about her work ethics.

Anjula told Forbes she was warned against signing a contract with Pee Cee during her initial days in the industry.

Opening up about the negativity in the film industry, she explained a dinner party in detail. “She is never going to work, I don't know why you are wasting your time” was what the manager was told. 

However, she still decided to work with the actress, trusting her instinct. 

 She added, “I remember feeling really hurt actually, at the time. I remember being like, Am I wasting my time? But this is where your self-belief comes in. It seemed like a crazy dream; right, to bring somebody from India to Hollywood? But I got to tell you when I look in Priyanka's eyes, I just believe. Priyanka is just undeniable, she is a disruptor."