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Wednesday Feb 24 2021
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Captain America is special for adorable personal element

Web Desk

American directors, the Russo Brothers put in a lot of effort for shaping up the Marvel Cinematic Universe through Phase Four. They are the force to be reckoned with behind the Captain America sequels and the final Avengers films.

Taking to social media, the directing duo revealed that various family members cameoed in their MCU debut, 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The film made them an integral part of the MCU family.

Attached with the Marvel family, through the years, the duo incorporated a family feel in their cinematic experience. To establish the point, the director brothers shared some behind-the-scenes videos from the set of The Winter Soldier.

The videos pinpoint the family cameos in the film, bringing home the fact that their family is highly important to them, no matter if they are shooting a blockbuster.

The Captain America fans will be surprised to know that the boy who finds Captain American in the museum was Russo’s nephew. So, the special flick Captain America: The Winter Soldier grew all the more special with the family factor permeating every aspect of the movie.

Not just that, the family aspect seems extended to many Marvel stars as well. In another Instagram post, the directors shared a picture of themselves with their sister. Captioning the photograph, the duo said they consider the crew on every project their family, adding, "this time it was even more special to have our actual sister on board too."

Filling such a pivotal Marvel film with the family affair demonstrates that the Russo brothers value their family members very highly amid the glory of their success.