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Thursday Apr 08 2021
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Piers Morgan says Prince Harry, William reconciliation impossible after tell-all

Web Desk

Piers Morgan says it's quite hard for Prince Harry and William to 'stand next to each other'

Piers Morgan believes it is next to impossible for Prince Harry and William to see eye-to-eye after the former's tell-all with Oprah Winfrey. 

Although the siblings are set to reunite for the unveiling of the memorial of mother Princess Diana, it's quite hard for the brothers to 'stand next to each other.'

Speaking to Extra TV host Billy Bush, Morgan said, "I can't see how they can stand next to each other, William and Harry, after what's happened."

Responding to who he thought is generally favoured by the public after the explosive chat, he called the Queen "immeasurably more popular," while referring to Harry and Meghan as "celebrity hucksters."

"Trading off their royal titles to sign massive deals with Netflix, Spotify, and so on whilst also saying they hate the institution of the royals and the monarchy.

"But not enough to give up the royal titles which are making them all this money, I think that's rank hypocrisy," the British journalist blasted.